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Which BSC parent are you?
Hey, guys :) As you know, we're going to begin stamping as BSC parents on February 1. I thought I'd throw up this post to see if anyone has any ideas for questions that could be on the application. I'm wanting the applications for each month to be different so that it doesn't get monotonous, and we also need different questions for each theme so that we can choose questions that pertain to the characters we're stamping as.

So if you have ideas, feel free to comment here or PM me! If you PM me, though, make sure your settings will allow me to PM you back. (Or if you want it to be private, but you don't want to change your PM settings, you can comment on my friends only entry - comments there are screened.)

Also, which parents would you guys like to stamp as? I'm thinking we should have at least 5 possibilities, but no more than 8 or so.

Anyway, I'll leave this post open for about a week. After that, I'll finish the remainder of the work and we can get ready for February!

California Diaries Month Closed
Happy New Year!

Stamping as California Diaries characters is now closed. If you didn't have a chance to be stamped as a California Diaries character, or would like a re-stamp, we will be having a "theme repeat month" later on in the year.

With New Year and etc., I am just now getting around to swapping out the profile info. Expect the new info to be up within an hour or so, and then anyone who hasn't done so already can apply to be stamped as a BSC member! BSC member stamping will close on January 31.

Also, our next theme (beginning February 1) will be "Which BSC parent are you?" I will post with more info on that sometime in the near future. In the meantime, let me know if you ever have any questions or suggestions!

Happy (late) Holidays to everyone! Since many of us have been busy with the holiday season, I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a brief update:

- We currently have 4 unstamped applications that need votes. Please check out the new apps and leave a comment!

- The last day to apply to be stamped as a California Diaries character is December 31... which is this Saturday! Note that you can still comment on unstamped California Diaries applications after this date; it just means *new* CD applications cannot be submitted after Saturday.

- Sometime on January 1, I'll change the info on the profile page and make a new post to re-open stamping as sitters. We'll stamp as sitters until January 31. Beginning February 1, we'll return to theme months. If you haven't voted on our next theme poll yet, you can still do so.

- As you may have noticed, we now have customized commenting because several users are having issues with LJ's new default pages. If any of you find the text on the layout difficult to read, let me know. I'll work on making our BSC member stamped list compatible with the customized comment pages. Expect to see a California Diaries stamped list sometime today or tomorrow as well!

Vanish memo!
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CA Diaries Application
beatles help
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next theme poll
My original plan was to create a poll for our next theme near the end of this month, but I realized it might be a better idea to go ahead and put it up now since we have Christmas and etc. coming up. Basically, I have selected 3 themes from our list of possible themes for you all to vote on. I'll keep the poll open until December 31. If there is a tie, then we can take the top two themes and vote again if we need to.

Also, remember that you can apply to be stamped as California Diaries characters until December 31; so if you want to apply and haven't done so yet, then there is plenty of time!

updated list of California Diaries stampsCollapse )

next theme pollCollapse )

Anyway, that's all for now! Let me know if you ever have any ideas for future themes, and thanks to everyone who has been participating. :)

stock ; girl with umbrella
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Vanish: Dissappear.
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