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From now until further notice, we are stamping as Baby-sitters Club members. During this month, you may be stamped as one of the following:

1) Kristy Thomas
2) Mary Anne Spier
3) Claudia Kishi
4) Stacey McGill
5) Dawn Schafer
6) Abby Stevenson
7) Mallory Pike
8) Jessi Ramsey
9) Shannon Kilbourne
10) Logan Bruno
1) Play Nice! This is a friendly community, so no flaming or arguing please. :)
2) Please keep all posts on-topic. This includes advertisments. Any off-topic posts will be deleted.
3) Put any pictures or long posts under an lj-cut! If you don't know how to do this, click here.
4) If you have any questions, please contact lucida. :)
1) To apply to be stamped, fill out the application below.
2) Put "Totally dibble!" as the subject of your application so I know you read the rules.
3) When you apply to be stamped, please try to explain your answers. We're not asking that you type paragraph-long descriptions for everything (although, feel free to do so if you wish!), but additional details help us stamp you more accurately.
4) When posting applications, please tag your entries as ^unstamped and !application: bsc members.
1) You don't need to be stamped to vote, so please do so!
2) You can only vote once per application.
3) Please try to choose only one member per vote.
4) Bold your vote so we can clearly see who you chose.
5) Make your vote a NEW comment to the original post, not as a reply to someone else's comment. That's just annoying.
6) Try to give a reason why you voted a certain way.
7) Only the moderator can officially stamp you.
8) Generally, you will be stamped after you have 7 votes. If your application has been up a few days and you don't have 7 votes, but you do have 4 or more unanimous votes (which would create a majority), then I might go ahead and stamp you.
9) If you do not meet either one of the requirements outlined above, then I will create a mod post and ask people to vote on your application.
10) If you are unhappy with who you are stamped as, you can re-apply after 2 weeks.
11) You may only be restamped ONCE.
12) If you want to save your stamp and show it off, please save it to your own server.
Copy and paste the code below in an LJ entry.

We don't have any special theme months planned in the near future, but stay tuned!
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